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PKR20 1 MY2030-34G
Pizza Cutter, 20" x 4-3/4" high blade, 21-1/2" O.A.L., stainless steel blade, full rocker style Can Opener, manual, #1™ with plated base (for cans up to 11" tall), "Old Reliable"™ myCart™ Series Utility Cart, (3) shelves, open base, 34-3/8"W x 23-7/16"D x 35-1/2"H, heavy duty plastic shelf, with (4) swivel/resilient tread casters, 3-shelf cart has a 400 lb. capacity per unit, gray, NSF
905755 AMF-12NS 4011100
Mini-Loaf Pan, holds (12) 3-7/8" x 2-1/2" mini loaves, 2 rows of 6, 9-7/8" x 19-1/2" OA, glazed aluminized steel Muffin Pan, 12 cup, 3 oz., 13-7/8" x 10-1/2", non-stick, carbon steel (Qty Break = 12 each) Sparta® Fryer Brush, 23" long, L-tipped end, 7/8" dia. stiff Teflon® wirewound bristles, heat-resistant to 500°F, hanging hole, cool-touch plastic handle, standard color
6090 407BK 904005
Swing A Way® Easy Crank Can Opener, large crank mechanism, extra long handles, black swing grips (SOLD IN CASE PACKS ONLY) Swing-A-Way® Can Opener, portable, black (SOLD IN CASE PACKS ONLY) Baguette/French Bread Pan, 4 pocket capacity, 18" x 26" x 1" OA, perforated glazed aluminum
24LPCW135 26CF148 6TGS110
Camwear® Food Pan, 5.3 qt. capacity, 4" deep, 1/2 size long, polycarbonate, clear, NSF ColdFest® Food Pan, 1/2 size, 6" deep, ABS plastic shell with FDA listed non-toxic gel core, stackable, white, NSF Lugano® Tong, 6", scallop grip, durable heat resistant material between -40°F to 212°F (-40°C to 100°C), solid color, black, NSF
IB-2S LD-105 PA-48
Shelf Ingredient Bins, 2 gallon (40 cup capacity), 11-3/4" x 14-1/4" x 8-3/8",  stackable, transparent polycarbonate lid, one-handed lift and slide lid, polypropylene body, NSF Ladle, 1-1/2 oz., 10-1/2", two-piece, 1mm stainless steel, brushed finish Mixing Paddle, 48" long, 9-1/4" blade, 1" seamless tubular handle, stainless steel
WPH45153 BS-825 MT-3
Peel Hanger, 4-5/8" wide x 1-1/4" deep x 3" high, packed with screws, chrome on steel Bouillon Strainer, front hook, 8" dia. x 6-3/4" deep, ultra-fine mesh, 9" handle with hanging hole, stainless steel Meat Thermometer, 3" dia. dial, 130° to 190°F and 54° to 88°C, 4"  heavy-duty metal stem, cooked temperature chart, stainless steel, NSF, HACCP, (LEAVE IN WHILE COOKING) blister packed
PBR-1824WS DFCT-2 ETR-20
Roast Pan, 18" x 24" x 4-1/2", with straps, 10 gauge aluminum Deep Fry/Candy Thermometer, 100° to 400°F and 50° to 200°C, 5-3/4" long, 2" diameter dial, clip-on, stainless steel, NSF. HACCP, blister packed Electronic Timer, desktop, 3" x 2-1/2", digital display, counts down/up to 20 hours in 1 minute intervals, continuous beep, runs on standard 'AA' battery-included, (individually blister/carded)
GRP-65YP SBL-30 SCA-324
Get-A-Grip™ Y-Peeler, 6-1/2", non-slip, soft grip handle, oversized hanging hole, santoprene rubber, stainless steel Mixing Bowl, 30 qt., 22-5/8" dia. x 7-1/2" deep, narrow rim, stainless steel, mirror finish Portion Control Scale, dial type, 2 lbs x .01 lbs. (32 oz. x 1/4 oz.) capacity, 7-7/8" square stainless steel platform, top loading counter model, dual read: U.S. and metric measurements, white
XHT-16 CB-10F PP-200F1
Utility Tong, 16", standard, coil spring operated, scalloped edges, extra-heavy weight 1.2mm, stainless steel, mirror finish Culinary Basket, 10" dia. x 3" deep bowl, fine mesh (1/8"), nickel plated wire Steam Table Pan, full size, 20-3/4"L x 12-3/4"W x 1-1/4" deep, perforated, 24 gauge stainless steel, NSF (6 each per carton, 12 cartons per case)
PZ-PS1416 VAP-4025 D-32GSA
Pizza Stone, oblong, 14" x 16" x 7/8" thick, lead-free, cordierite fire brick Dishwasher Apron, 38"L x 25"W, self ties, heavy gauge vinyl, clear (do not machine wash) Dipper, 1 qt., 12-1/2" long handle, stainless steel